sampleOne of the most important things we ever do is teach; by teaching I get to share my ideas and see them spread worldwide. My current classes and some archived ones are all here for your reference.

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sampleWhen we set up the Harris Institute in 2009 the goal was to carry out research that was disruptive, not incremental. Some of our historical projects are available here, as well as some publications.

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sampleI have been active in the security industry for over 20 years; during this time I have collected a large library of prior art in the computer security and anti-malware space. More details about engaging me are found here.

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Since 1989 I have been working in the computer security, primarily in low-level exploit development and malicious mobile code. I have an extensive knowledge of security problems that I like to share, and carry out research that aims to change the game, robbing the advantage from the attacker

This website is designed to let you learn a little more about me and the work I have done over the last 20 years as a security expert. There is no malware on this site (I hope) but there are a few pointers here if you have a malware infection and need help. While I have - and do - carry out work for different anti-malware companies, the advice I give is my own, non-partisan, and worth what you paid for it: that is, I am not responsible for any loss or damage to your machine if you follow this advice.

Richard FordThe site is broken into 4 main sections, each of which represents a different part of my life and career. First, the Educator section takes you to my classes and academic history. If you are one of my students, this is a marvelous place to start. Second, the Researcher section details some of the current research projects I am involved in, and shows some of my papers and work. Third, I also take consultancy projects and expert witness work in the area of cybersecurity. This section is worth taking a look at if you are interested in retaining me. Finally, the fourth section covers my non-professional activities, such as flying and music.


VB 2013Several new publications in the last few months, including two at the Virus Bulletin conference in Berlin. Also, be aware that I am hosting the CARO 2014 workshop, in beautiful Melbourne Florida in the Spring.


Game Changer CDI was lucky enough to be able to record with some of the best jazz flute players in the world at Avatar Studios in Manhattan last year. Our album, Game Changer, is available on Capri Records - read the All About Jazz review here.